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How Expensive is Humility?I recently read an article in the New York Times discussing a new, for-profit private school in Manhattan. According to the article, tuition is $43,000 per year yet thehumility school turns away over 90% of its kindergarten applicants. Every aspect of the school is state-of-the-art and not ironically the Times article wonders if it could be the best education that money can buy.

The school is founded on an organizational partnership with parents that invites their micro-level input on everything. As you might imagine, these are parents who have the resources and inclination to drill down deeply into every aspect of their child’s educational experience. Interestingly, there was one element that some parents insisted be a central feature of the educational experience: a culture of modesty and respect – humility as a guiding principle of one of the most elite educational experiences money can buy.

As I read further, I came to realize that these well heeled parents in Manhattan were no different than parents here in Maine – we all want what we believe is best for our kids. And then I thanked them. I thanked them for putting their extraordinary resources to work proving with studies, workgroups, data mining, and the best research that money could buy, what I think we already knew; that respect is fundamental to the education we want for our children and humility is central to contentment.

Experiential education fosters this humility and respect by giving kids a hands-on connection to the process of their education. Arrogance cannot sustain itself in this type of collaborative environment where success is not defined or validated by outcomes, but rather by an individual’s commitment to themselves and their goals while respecting their classmates and the educators who guide them.

Our success at HCA will be apparent when our graduates return to Harpswell and tell us that they are content with the paths that they chose at HCA.                                                  Peter Rosenberg

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