Mission and Vision

Harpswell Coastal Academy (HCA) is a public charter school offering rigorous, personalized, project-based education to Maine students in grades 6-12. Originally initiated by a group of Harpswell citizens concerned that many of the Town’s young people were increasingly disengaged from school, HCA has grown to include a diverse group of midcoast educators, business leaders, and community partners committed to preparing students to live and work in the rapidly changing coastal economy.

HCA’s MISSION is to educate and develop critical thinkers, leaders, and life-long learners who are actively engaged in their communities and the broader world. This will be accomplished through OUR VISION of cultivating a place-based and project-based educational environment tailored to meet the needs of our students. The core curriculum is reinforced with problem solving, task prioritization, and accountability of expectations while students become immersed in a scholastic culture of social and intellectual integrity, creativity and civic involvement.

HCA insists that all students can and must meet meaningful academic standards, develop strong habits of work, contribute to their community, and leave with a clear and realistic plan for post-secondary education. Our students come to us quite different from each other – some are testing well below and others well above grade level; some with special education IEPs or 504 plans; some having participated in gifted and talented programs. Some  from poverty, some from privilege, and most from somewhere in between. Our staff is comprised of teachers, leaders and role models who are experienced and eager to meet the challenges of a very diverse group of learners. And while we expect our students to leave quite different from each other, they will have something in common—the confidence that comes from having clearly and unambiguously demonstrated their readiness to move on.