Harpswell Coastal Academy is a public charter school in Midcoast Maine gradually expanding from our current enrollment of 60 students to a total of 270 by 2016-17. We seek 5-6 full time faculty members for the 2014-15 school year to join our current faculty of seven in serving roughly 80 students in grades six and seven and 50 students in grades nine and ten.
Faculty positions at HCA are unique: our project-based, placed-based, standards-based curriculum puts emphasis on interdisciplinary content, on cross-cutting skills, and on carefully scaffolded learning for students who approach school in a wide variety of ways. Our teaching practices are adapted from those of the Coalition of Essential Schools and Expeditionary Learning Schools. Each faculty member serves as an Advisor to a group of 12-15 students, with primary responsibility for monitoring academic progress and maintaining contact with families. HCA puts great emphasis on Extended School Day and Extended School Year programming to ensure that students get the support they need to meet rigorous graduation standards.
Because we are a “small by design” school, we seek faculty members who are eager to wear more than one hat.

The Academic slots we seek to fill next year are:

  • Chemistry/Physics/Earth Science
  • Common Core/Project-based Math
  • Humanities (Integrated Language Arts and Social Studies)
  • Special Education (must be Maine certified by 8/15/14)
  • Spanish (.5)
  • Integrated Fine Arts (.5)
We also seek faculty members enthusiastic about combining more than one of the areas above, or in combining one of the above areas with a leadership role in one the following Cross-Cutting areas:
  • Blended or Flipped Learning
  • Engineering, Mechanics, and Construction (building and fixing things with students)
  • Learning Technology and IT (HCA is an MLTI school using iPads as primary platform).


  • 1-5 years teaching/youth work experience
  • Familiarity with standards-based teaching and learning
  • A fierce commitment to meeting the needs of all learners
  • A flexible disposition and enthusiasm for being part of a small,
  • deliberate professional learning community.
  • Most teaching roles will require Maine certification within 3 years.
Special Added Bonus Qualification: Willingness to earn a school bus driver’s license.
Salary and Benefits: As a public school, HCA is committed to providing starting salaries and benefits comparable to that of our peer districts in Midcoast Maine. HCA teachers work a 210-day contract that includes a four-week summer “intensive” and 10 professional days in addition to the traditional 180 day school year. Faculty work one of two schedules: 8am- 4 pm or 10am-6pm.

To apply, please send the following to employment@harpswellcoastalacademy.org by Friday April 18:

  • A letter of interest explaining why you are interested in and feel suited for this type of teaching-learning environment. Please specify the Academic and CrossCutting areas from those listed above that you think would be a good match for you, as well as describing your qualifications and experience related to those areas.
  • A resume that includes educational and non-educational work experience and interests.
  • Three references – name, title, phone #, email address.