At HCA, our approach to school lunch is deeply rooted in the understanding that a well nourished student is a more alert, engaged learner. It’s as simple as that. By providing healthy, delicious, seasonal meals to our students day after day, we ensure that they are properly nourished for optimized learning.

Furthermore, we recognize that quality school lunch is a community effort, which is why we actively partner with two local farms (in addition to the HCA Community MicroFarm), and two local restaurants to source the majority of the food consumed at both HCA campuses.

Lunch at Division 1 is prepared at the SchoolHouse Cafe and by our amazing chef, Judy Beaulieu, in our fully functional school kitchen.

Lunch at Division 2/3 is prepared at New Beet Market, a Brunswick Landing cafe and eatery that proudly sources ingredients from over 30 Maine farms.