Thank you for your interest in HCA. HCA is a public charter school and is free to its students. HCA serves students in grades 5-12; there are no admissions requirements, but we do have limited space available.

Information on enrollment for the 2020-21 school year

Enrollment for next school year will open January 1, 2020. Open spots are available on a first come, first served basis. Once spots are full, we will place interested students on a wait list, and will offer spots to those students as they become available. Starting January 1st, interested parents must first complete the on line form. Step two is the Declaration of Intent which will also be available in the new year.

Step 2

We invite you to learn more about HCA. While not required, taking a tour of the school will provide a great opportunity to learn about our programs before you decide if it will be a good fit for your child. Please contact Angie Arndt (, or 833-3229, ext. 602) to get more information regarding dates for information sessions early in 2020.

FAQs for Prospective Students and Parents

Is transportation offered for HCA students? HCA provides transportation for students residing in the MSAD75 and the Brunswick districts. Students looking to travel from other districts can get on an HCA bus at a hub stop in Brunswick, Topsham, Bowdoinham or Harpswell. When possible, HCA has also provided transportation from Bath and Durham.   Does HCA offer interscholastic sports? All HCA students participate in our Wellness program, which provides opportunities for daily physical activity.  HCA students can also play interscholastic sports in their district of residence.   Does HCA accommodate students with special needs? Yes. There are no limits of any kind on the students HCA serves. Once enrolled, HCA will work with parents to develop or adapt Individualized Education Programs for our students as needed and required by law. As parents of special needs children know, the spectrum of services a child receives can vary greatly. HCA has certified special educators on staff, and has contracted relationships with local providers for additional special education services. Our small size makes it both necessary and possible to make specific staffing and service decisions when we find out exactly who our students are and what services they require. For more information, please contact Deryl Holt, Special Ed Director, to learn more.   Academic Expectations @ HCA HCA is a Standards-Based school, meaning students progress by producing work that demonstrates mastery of individual standards.  This means that students who either don’t complete work or turn in work that doesn’t yet demonstrate mastery will not progress.  We expect our students to be active participants in their education, and we hold them to high standards.  Below are some common misconceptions about academics at HCA; knowing the realities of our program will help you know if this is a good fit and help you support your learner:   Some Myths and Realities:

  • MYTH:  Academics are easier at HCA.  It’s a good place to go if I don’t want to work as hard.”
    • REALITY:  Our academic program is rigorous and prepares students for post-secondary success, whether that is college, technical training, or the workforce.  HCA is a good place to go if you want to work hard at learning in a different way.  Our students often report it is harder to achieve at HCA than it was at their sending school, but that our teachers are tirelessly dedicated to their success and go out of their way to support them.


  • MYTH: There are no due dates at HCA.  I can always go back and redo missed work.”
    • REALITY:  Work has due dates.  We support learners who learn at all different paces, but that doesn’t mean tolerance for non-effort.  Students may request extensions and revise work turned on time; failure to do so may require students to retake courses, receive extra support in place of electives, or complete summer academics.


  • MYTH:  HCA doesn’t have tests.  I don’t have to do it if it’s not my learning style.”
    • REALITY:  We work with students to help them understand their strengths and challenges as individual learners.  Many students feel successful at HCA in part because they have the opportunity for hands-on, project-based learning.  HOWEVER, students must become well-rounded learners and lean into their struggles. We honor our students’ diverse strengths and allow students to show their mastery in a variety of ways, including projects, performances, traditional assessments, and standardized tests.  All are necessary parts of a complete picture of a student.

Lottery Guidelines

If HCA receives more applicants than available slots, a lottery will be held in the spring to determine enrollment. All lottery guidelines are set by state charter law.

Siblings and children of staff:

All siblings of admitted students will be placed prior to holding a lottery. HCA shall also give enrollment preference to children of the school’s full-time employees, as long as they constitute no more than 10% of the school’s total student population.


All names of remaining students who have submitted intent to enroll forms will enter the lottery.


Beginning with 6th grade, as each name is drawn, the student will be admitted or placed on the waiting list.

Siblings of admitted students:

When a student is admitted, their siblings’ names are automatically drawn. If there is space, the siblings are admitted as well. If not, they will be placed on the wait-list.

Admitted students:

Parents of accepted students will attend an orientation and receive enrollment paperwork. Admittance remains in effect until the student graduates or transfers.

Wait-listed students:

If there is no longer space available, the student will be placed on the wait-list in the order that his or her name was drawn. If an opening occurs in a given grade, students on the wait-list will be contacted according to their order on the wait list.

Students who apply to HCA after the lottery date:

These students will be conditionally admitted only if space is available. If space is not available, they will be placed on the wait list in the order that their completed Intent to Enroll form is received.