Farming at HCA


JUNE, 2018

By Abby Baker,
Division 1 Faculty

This spring, a team of Div 1 students took on the challenge of caring for our first ever HCA chickens.

The corner of Ms. Crocket’s room was transformed into a chick palace, complete with rubber tubs, heat lamps, and loads of newspaper. As the chicks grew, our Farm Team made final preparations in the coop outside and ensured the fencing was strong. In all, the students raised 26 broiler chickens. We now have about 50Ibs of meat that we are able to serve in our cafeteria!

Additionally, HCA students have been working diligently to create our school garden. We have amended the sandy soil with the compost/loam mix that we purchased. The seeds that were bought are now planted in our greenhouse and garden. The students in our summer program will be maintaining the garden over the next few months, as well as putting in a permanent fence for our future poultry projects. We will have many root vegetables and squash to harvest when the students return to school in the fall.