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Welcome and thank you for joining us at HCA! Enrolling at HCA is a choice that we are glad you have made. We strive for a “high challenge/high support” environment that is engaging, inclusive and welcoming, and being successful at HCA requires commitment from students and families.

Over our first 10 years, we have found that students are most successful at HCA when they are intentional about developing a number of dispositions. These include self motivation, a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, an openness to new experiences and ideas, a desire to be part of a diverse community, and a love of nature. Importantly, we recognize that everyone is not in the same place with all of these! We are here to help students take their next steps and leaps –
whatever they might be.

By enrolling a student at HCA, parents and guardians are agreeing to support their student’s success in a number of ways. These include:

  • Supporting your child’s daily attendance by transporting your child to a hub bus stop or to the school directly every day;
  • Participating in Family Orientation (in person or virtually) at the start of the school year and Student Led Conferences in the fall and spring;
  • Communicating with your child’s Crew Leader frequently to advocate for and support your child’s progress;
  • Monitoring your child’s academic progress on our standards tracking platform, Infinite Campus;
  • Attending Celebrations of Learning at the end of each trimester; and
  • Building an understanding of Restorative Practices and how they are used at HCA.

Students enrolling at HCA commit to:

  • Following our Community Agreements;
  • Embracing our Habits of Work & Learning and completing coursework as assigned;
  • Participating in Restorative Practices;
  • Supporting our community by being “ crew not passengers ” and actively helping to
    maintain a clean, safe and welcoming school environment;
  • Attending school everyday.

As a standards-based school, credit at HCA is earned as students demonstrate proficiency of academic standards. Academic standards and Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs) are separated, so students receive feedback on both their academic progress and their growth as active learners.

Our faculty are a dedicated team of educators who are eager to support all of our learners. Part of this team is our Special Education faculty who support learners with disabilities using Individual Education Plans. All of our faculty work hard to design and present creative learning experiences that include long term investigations of compelling questions, Field Work off campus, collaboration with community partners and exciting final projects. As a small school, we emphasize quality over quantity in our course offerings. To expand course options for our students, we rely on partners like Region 10 Technical High School, Southern Maine Community College and AP4ME.

We will do everything we can to help your child thrive at HCA! We look forward to doing this in partnership with you.

Thank you for being a member of the HCA community!

Warm regards,
Mel Christensen Fletcher
Interim Head of School


Student/Parent Handbook

For the latest information for HCA students and families, please download our comprehensive Handbook HERE.

Important Onboarding Documents

The following documents contain important information that must be read, signed and returned by students and families prior to the first day of school.

Online Health Information Form

ALL FAMILIES must complete this form annually, prior to the first day of school. Please see below for additional health forms that may be required for your child.

E-Rate Form

ALL FAMILIES please complete this form to ensure our ability to participate in a program that provides free internet access to our school.

COVID Protocols

COVID protocols for Fall 2021

Pooled Testing Consent Form

Families who want their student to participate in Pooled Testing need to print, sign and return this form.

Technology Policy and Form

ALL FAMILIES must read the Technology Policy and please print sign and return the form.


HIPAA-Compliant Authorization for Exchange of Health and Education Information

Permission to Administer Medication at School

Permission To Administer Medication Which Must Be Taken During School Hours

Permission to Administer Over the Counter Medications at School

Permission To Administer Medication Which Must Be Taken During School Hours

HCA Communications and Notices

The documents below include important notices, required communications and other school updates sent home to families.