JUNE, 2021

Francesca, Daniel and Zara came to us from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands for their Senior Years!

Q. What surprised you most about school in Maine?
“The small community and friendships; teachers are very sympathetic and close; there is mutual respect and closeness we don’t experience at home; the amazing amount of energy the teachers put into getting to really know us.”
Q. What was most challenging?
“Being alone in a new country with nothing familiar; made harder by the pandemic and being remote; being homesick”.
Q. What will you never forget?
“The people! All the students, no judgment; everyone accepts everyone; the beauty of nature in Maine- it’s crazy, AND the COLD!’
“The pandemic made it all very scary at first, told we were coming just 10 days before we left home and family couldn’t come. But we’re glad we did.”
Message to all the students: “You have to travel. It changes you and it is good to get out of your comfort zone!”

Thank you for joining us this year and best of luck with your next steps!