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April 02, 2021


APRIL, 2021

LD604 is an anti-charter school bill being considered next week by the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs of the Maine Legislature. Maine’s charter school system is a model system that works well, and this bill seeks to cripple it. It is being sponsored by a legislator who has been against charter schools since they began in Maine ten years ago, and he will likely rally a significant number of his colleagues on the Committee and in the Legislature who might be inclined to agree with him.

Charter schools have come together to oppose this legislation, and we need your help.  Click here to send a message to the Education Committee and help us stop this bill in its tracksOur representatives in Augusta need to hear your voice – please let them know loud and clear that they should not try to “fix” something that not only isn’t broken, but that already works really well.

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