The Narwhal Chronicles
February 5, 2021



Having ideals means working hard to live up to them. For the past 245 years, many in our country have helped us live closer to our founding ideals by working to be sure that people of all races and genders and backgrounds and identities are treated equally, that their right to life and liberty are honored, and that they can truly pursue happiness for themselves and those they love.

Many of these people were Black people, and their stories have too often been left out of the conversation about how we have achieved great things as a nation. That is why we celebrate Black History Month, and that is why we look forward to the day when everyone recognizes that Black history is America’s history, to be studied and honored throughout the year.

I am grateful to be a part of a community like HCA that honors this, and I recognize that there is still much work to do for me personally, for our school community, and for our state and Nation.

An additional note: as we go into Super Bowl Weekend and the upcoming vacation, please remember HCA’s requirement that if your student gathers indoors with members of more than one other household, they need to do remote learning for the following 10 days.

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