The Narwhal Chronicles
January 15, 2021



Many, many thanks for taking the health and safety of our school community so seriously. We appreciate that so many families kept students remote who had participated in holiday gatherings. As the daily number of cases continues to climb, we are grateful for each day we get to spend together at school.

You have likely heard about the Covid-19 variant (link) that originated in Britain. It is reported to be significantly more contagious than what is going around now. So far the closest cases to Maine have been 1 case in Connecticut and 4 cases in New York. However, the CDC has predicted that this variant will become the predominant form of Covid-19 in the US by March (link).

If/when there is a documented case of this variant in Maine, HCA will be closing our buildings to in-person learning starting the following school day. In many ways, we will be back to the situation we were in last March when we knew so little about the spread and transition of the current strain of Covid-19. We recognize that this would be a hardship for many HCA families.

Many thanks to all HCA families for being on this journey with HCA.

With gratitude,

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