The Narwhal Chronicles
January 29, 2021



As you know, Wednesdays at HCA are a little different this year from usual. One thing we all do together on Wednesdays is remote Community Meeting. The following is a reminder of the expectations we shared about Community Meeting at the start of the year:

On Wednesdays we are all remote! On remote Wednesdays, all students and full-time faculty members are logging onto Zoom and participating in Community Meeting at 9 am sharp. Zoom links can be found in Google Calendar. This is an important time for us to connect and build our community. There is an opportunity to express concerns, give kudos and make announcements. When students miss this time, they are missing a significant chunk of information. Participation means being logged in, video on, and at your computer or device until the end of community meeting (9:00-9:30am).

One of the things that sets us apart at HCA is our focus on building community, and remote Community Meeting is a huge part of that.

HCA students: see you there!

(207) 833-3229 x103