Nate McDonald – Poetry



By Nate McDonald,

Div 2/3 Creative Writing students (Conway/Huber) dug deep while exploring the everyday objects, places, people and experiences that have shaped them into the people they are today. We hope you’ll enjoy the results! Thank you Nate M. for sharing your work with us!

I’m from the sticks
The boondocks
The woods
I’m from the pines

I’m from the lies
The truth
The good
The evil

The brave men of WW2 who I have the honor of calling my great grandfathers

I’m from the leaders
The cowards
The strong
The proud

From acceptance
From hate
From peace

From the great men who stamped out the nuclear fires of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Who saved the families of men they killed

I’m from Christians
From Jews
And atheists alike

I’m from Gladiatorial Rome
From Scotland
From America
From Maine

From the hunters
The killers
The warriors
The heroes from the hell fires of Gettysburg
Who never got a chance to raise my ancestors in the free nation they helped create

I am from most
But not all
I am not a coward
But a ‘militant pacifist’
Much like a great mind before my time
‘I will fight for peace’

“I am not a pacifist, but a militant pacifist.
I will fight for peace”- Albert Einstein