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The HCAFP is our version of the PTO. All parents are invited to HCAFP meetings. Meetings are held on Zoom or at 9 Ash Point Road, Harpswell.


The objectives of the HCAFP include:

  • Establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, school and community.
  • Increase student safety and security through parent education.
  • Develop programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum.
  • Create opportunities for parent discussions and support.
  • Enhance the quality of education by raising funds for school supplies or programs that fall outside the school budget.

The HCAFP does:

  • Support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for school programs.
  • Coordinate programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum.
  • Provide feedback / assist with increased awareness of school safety and security issues.
  • Organize fundraising efforts to support some additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget.

The HCAFP does not:

  • Run the school.
  • Set policy regarding school programs.
  • Define the school’s curriculum.
  • Define or interfere with the school’s security program and policies.
  • Control the school’s budget.

There are many ways parents can support HCA. join us for a Family Partnership meeting, and talk to us about leading a workshop or becoming a mentor please call Angie Arndt at 207-833-3229 x 602

Navigating Parent Resources

Google Classroom

All students have HCA email addresses that are linked to Google Classroom. To login, open a browser and enter Students email addresses are Passwords are set by, and known to, students. If they can’t tell you what their password is, please contact Zach Gagnon. Once logged in, you will see that faculty have set up class pages for Humanities, Science and some workshop classes. Each class page has assignments listed, with details about what specifically needs to be accomplished and links to the associated resources needed for the assignment (videos, articles, directions, etc.).

This is a resource for you to have a sense of what work is being done in our classes, and what work your student has completed. Please note, that if an assignment was turned in through google drive, it will be marked as “complete”. If an assignment is turned in on paper, it will show as “due” or “late”. If you have concerns about outstanding work, please contact your child’s Core Advisor.

Post-Secondary Planning

Stay tuned for more information on post-secondary planning coming soon. In the meantime, military families are encouraged to look at this fantastic resource: FINANCIAL AID FOR MILITARY & VETERANS.