Entrepreneurial Education is an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving that seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings.

Our Curriculum

At Harpswell Coastal Academy, students are guided by a knowledgeable faculty through a carefully crafted, yet flexible, entrepreneurial curriculum designed to equip them to be resilient, resourceful, inquisitive thinkers with the mindset and drive to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and create new possibilities for themselves and their communities. HCA students graduate empowered and ready to shape the future though inquiry, innovation, and leadership.

Key Traits

HCA’s entrepreneurial curriculum prioritizes four key entrepreneurial traits that we have identified as essential elements of “the entrepreneurial mindset” - creative problem solving, opportunity identification, resourcefulness, and resiliency. These four entrepreneurial traits enable students to take on interesting and challenging ventures that connect with their passions and give them a valuable advantage as they enter the workplace.

1. Creative Problem Solving

Through design thinking and exploration-based learning experiences, students create solutions to problems without clearly defined structures.

2. Opportunity Identification

Students identify and experience problems as opportunities to create solutions.

3. Resourcefulness

Students are able to independently seek out resources and references to pursue their projects and ventures.

4. Resiliency

Students work diligently to overcome obstacles and develop perseverance as they pursue their goals. They are flexible and adaptable.