The Harpswell Coastal Academy Innovation Center, located on Brunswick Landing, is the home of Divisions 2 and 3. The space has been thoughtfully designed by HCA students and faculty in order to create a flexible, professional working environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. The Innovation Center has five complementary components.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is a 21st century production studio outfitted with professional video, audio, and design equipment. Here, students have the resources to produce a variety of digital content and are encouraged to publish their finished work with one of our media partners including Harpswell Radio, Harpswell Community TV, HCA TV, and Harpswell Stories, among others.

Incubator Lab

The Incubator Lab is a comprehensive makerspace outfitted with all the tools required to tinker, prototype, and manufacture. This is where ideas that are born in the Great Space come to fruition. The space consists of a fully-equipped woodworking area, a 2-D/3-D art room, a painting booth, four flex-bays for rotating projects, and three large worktables. Most of the tools are mobile so that they may easily be moved from one station another.

Great Space

The Great Space is a large co-working space where students and faculty share ideas, collaborate on projects, and develop proposals for entrepreneurial ventures.

Citizen Science Center

Harpswell Coastal Academy's citizen science center is a laboratory space dedicated to supporting the planning and execution of scientific field work. Students begin their work in the Citizen Science Center by meeting with community members to understand the need for data collection in our local forests, fields, and oceans. After long term ecological research projects have been planned, students use the Citizen Science Center as a place to test samples, process data, and reflect on findings from the field.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a space where faculty provide our one to one tutoring, small group support, and workshops to help students build literacy skills. We work with students through all stages of the writing process from brainstorming and organizing to revising and polishing.