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At Harpswell Coastal Academy, students are guided by a knowledgeable and caring faculty and support staff.


The student-staff relationship is a carefully crafted yet flexible dynamic designed to equip students to be resilient, resourceful, inquisitive thinkers. HCA students develop the mindset and personal drive to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and create new possibilities for themselves and their communities.


Each student at our school is a member of a Crew, led by a faculty member. A student’s Crew Leader is the primary and first point of contact for families in regard to academic questions or behavioral concerns. Crew leaders can also help families navigate questions about school events, policies and structures. Our main goals for Crew is to ensure that each student is known
well by at least one adult within the school, and is an active member of an on-going, small peer community.

Social Work & Guidance

HCA contracts with consultants to provide certain services and has a school social worker on staff. Students or parents should speak with their Crew advisor if services are needed.

Special Education

Every student with a disability has a right to a free, appropriate public education. HCA assures that every child of school age, eligible for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, will receive an appropriate program of instruction and supportive services designed to meet his or her individual needs. Special education services are provided to HCA students by certified and/or licensed professionals or supervised support staff at no cost to the parents.

Special education programs and services at HCA are designed to meet the needs of students with various learning needs and educate students in the least restrictive environment. The main purpose of special education is to develop the mental, physical, social, and emotional abilities of children and youth to enable them to function successfully in the educational setting and make a successful transition into the adult world.

504 Services at HCA

Section 504 is part of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to combat discrimination against individuals with disabilities in services, programs and activities administered by any entity that receives federal funds, including public schools. Section 504 provides protections for qualified individuals with a disability. For a student to be identified under Section 504, in most circumstances the school must conclude that the child has a physical or mental disability that substantially limits a major activity. These students may need specific services and accommodations in order to access the school program, but it may occasionally be true that an eligible child under Section 504 is not in need of any interventions at the present time. At HCA eligible students receive an annual Accommodation Plan with input from teacher, staff, parents and student.

Contact Person:

Bonnie Violette
Director of Student Services
833-3239 (303)

Title I Services

Title I has provided a source of federal funding to America’s schools since 1965 with the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I formulas determine the funding allocation for Maine districts which is based on poverty data and demographics. This funding allows Title I schools to provide supplemental instructional services and resources to assist students in achieving local learning goals and targets.

There are two models for Title I services, targeted assistance and school-wide, under the 2015 “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA).

Students who are identified receive intervention in a targeted assistance model and the intervention must be supplemental to the school’s regular education program. In order to be in compliance for operating a targeted assistance model, HCA must use scientifically research-based instructional practices, encourage and plan for increased parental involvement, and assign fully certified teachers to instructional settings serving eligible students.

Career Pathways

You can’t read much about Maine these days without reading about our state’s lack of skilled workers- and the incredible opportunities that exist for the entrepreneurially minded amongst us.

HCA’s Pathways program is designed to address these opportunities. In much the same way that a college student declares a major, after a few years following the general curriculum at Division 2 our students will choose a pathway- one of four that will provide a rich mix of learning experiences including long-term investigations, Region 10 or SMCC classes, Internships, and mentoring relationships. Students will conclude their studies with a capstone project, and post secondary planning that will identify future academic and career goals.

Early College Program

Harpswell Coastal Academy offers something unique in its Early College Program. At HCA, participating students are able to not only work their college courses into their regular schedules, but credits earned from these classes can be applied to both their high school diploma and a college degree.

We approach the Early College Program with the frame of mind that interested in the program is a good candidate for it. Classes offered through SMCC are available once students reach their Junior year, and Juniors and Seniors who seek out participation are often well prepared to take on the challenge. Classes available through the UMaine system do accept students as early as the 9th grade, and we do allow that, though not before making sure the student is highly aware of the expectations, withdrawal process, etc. Because of that preparation, students are usually set up for success upon enrollment!