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Bus or van transportation is provided for students in the SAD75, Brunswick, Bath, Lisbon and Lewiston school districts, in accordance with the Charter Commission guidelines regarding specific geographic areas.

Bus Schedule updates of the daily routes through Harpswell, Topsham, Bath, Lewiston, Lisbon, Brunswick & Durham.

Students from areas outside our HCA’s catchment area may ride the bus, but must get to a central shuttle stop location. Riding the bus is a privilege and not a right. Students who do not follow the Student Bus Behavior Expectations (below) may be disciplined and/or lose their transportation privileges. If this happens, parents/guardians will be responsible for student transportation.

Bus Behavior Expectations

Behavior standards for HCA students on the bus are based on the community agreements that include the following commitments: At HCA we will be helpful, productive, safe, and respectful. All students are expected to wear a mask/face covering on the bus and to sit in designated seating to comply with all social distancing requirements.

Bus Behavior Rules for Students Include:

  1. Follow all directions of the driver, respectfully, without talking back.
  2. Sit in seat, facing forward and keeping body and objects to self.
  3. No body parts or objects may be put out the window.
  4. Maintain an appropriate noise level.
  5. Use school-appropriate language; treat others with respect.
  6. Take care of the bus.
  7. Any technology used must be used individually, not shared with peers. Earbuds/headphones for listening to music; no speakers.

If a student doesn’t meet the expectations*, the following consequences will apply:

  • 1st step: Verbal warning
  • 2nd step: Assigned seat with parent/guardian notification
  • 3rd step: Parent/guardian meeting
  • 4th step: up to 3-day suspension from bus
  • 5th step: Additional possible suspension days/weeks from bus

Severe Disruptions:

Severe disruptions may result in an automatic suspension of transportation privileges for a period of time determined by the administration.

At any time parents/guardians have a concern about the disciplinary action, they may request a meeting with the Head of School or Dean of Studies and Students. Students will always have the opportunity to explain their behavior before disciplinary action is taken and have the opportunity to resolve the issue through the restorative process.