Welcome to Harpswell Coastal Academy. Whether you’re a prospective parent, student, teacher, community partner, or just someone who stumbled upon the site, we hope you find a few things here.

A vision for a truly 21st century public school – deliberately small, fiercely focused on helping our young people, regardless of background, learning style, or any other factor, find a pathway to productive, rewarding citizenship.

A strong sense of place embedded in all we do – the natural and man-made world, the people and other creatures, the history and the traditions, and the possibilities for the future of Harpswell and MidCoast Maine.

A sense that anything is possible – for our students and our staff especially – HCA is where conventional wisdom is tested and re-tested – some of it lasting, and some of it going by the wayside, depending on whether it helps us get where we need to go, or gets in the way.

During the school year, we host Friday Lunch and Learn sessions monthly. Come join us, meet our students, learn more about what we’ve accomplished so far and what we’re working on. If you do walk through the door, chances are I’ll try to talk you into helping our students one way or another. Each connection a student can make – to a person they look up to, to a job they might be interested in, to an idea that stirs their passion – makes them more likely to take an active, rather than passive role in their future. I look forward to trying to make that connection!

John D’Anieri, Head of School